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The book "The Jesus Christ Code: The LIGHT: The Rainbow of Truths." personalized and signed by the author for you.

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A signed copy of the book, "THE LIGHT; The Rainbow of Truths - THE JESUS CHRIST CODE".

Proving the Biblical stories in Genesis true !

Did you know that DNA research at Lakehead University states, that ALL male DNA can be traced back to one man in North Eastern Africa; as they can for all female DNA.  (note that we all carry one female DNA chromosome, and it is the dominant chromosome in the world).  The secular media does not announce this finding, as some might suggest, it verifies the story of Genesis in the Bible.

Well former students of Lakehead University in 1989, observed an interesting series of truths that were in fact polarizing lies.

In 1989 it was observed that several divisive models of abuse were being used, that appeared to be polarizing the sexes, and dividing the family unit.   These models were based on 'half-truths', however the problem was that this type of half-truth, was not identified in the definition of half-truths.  This particular definition type of  'half-truths'  was missing from the definition of 'half-truths'.  

Then the definition of half-truth  only defined, 'statements that are partly true'.   A new form of half-truth was suggested based on a totally true statement that deceives by being 'part-of-the-truth'.  The logic associated with this change would suggest that changes be made to the definition of 'truth' and 'lie'.  

Research into systemic models that were polarizing the family unit, uncovered a negative side to truth that suggests that the 'original sin' as presented in the Bible, a story shared by all three world religions, is in fact correct.  God had warned Adam and Eve, not to take of the tree of knowledge.  Even though the 'fruit' looked appealing with was deadly.

The book, examines many of today's philosophies and exposes the many falsehoods based on politically correct truths, half-truths and lies.

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Copies of this 1st edition book, can be ordered and signed.

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