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Squitti's is a family operated business that was started by Marianna Bertucci Rosso and Arthur Natale Squitti, on Bay Street in the City of Thunder Bay, in 1967, Canada's Centennial Year.

Arthur Squitti was born in Port Arthur, Ontario, now the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada, having worked on the railroad, the mines, and as owner of Art's Taxi.

Marianna or Mary Ann Bertucci Rosso Squitti, was born and raised in Simbario, Catanzaro, Italy, the youngest girl in a family of 11.  She worked the family small businesses, before immigrating to Port Arthur, where she met Arthur Squitti.

You can discover some of  interesting family history, especially the Nobility within the Squitti family, that was discovered hidden in the internet.


Originally the family operated an Italian Specialty Store, at 325 Bay Street, specializing in Italian Imported Foods.  The family van was often seen throughout the city and surrounding area. 


Later the current location at 319 Bay Street was purchased and expanded to bring to market some of the finest merchandise available. 

From the very finest in 18 Karat Gold from Italy, to the finest in Pearls, Crystal Chandeliers, Religious Giftware, Crystal, Silverware, Bedding, Mens Clothing, Ladies Clothing, Children's Specialty Clothing and much more.

We would like to maintain our reputation as one the world's smallest department stores, carrying a variety of specialty lines.


The reason Squitti's exists, is that Arthur Squitti, met Mary Ann Bertucci Rosso in 1954, working as a cook at Vi's Restaurant on Bay Street.  Mary Ann had left Italy, to attend to her sick sister Angelina Bertucci, who was working in Port Arthur, and had been diagnosed with cancer  Mary Ann, left her small store in Simbario, Italy, where she lived with her mother, Concetta Bertucci Rosso and a sister.  Mary Ann, found her sister in hospital, exploratory surgery found cancer, and she was left to die.  Mary Ann, was 36, and knew something about old school herbs and health care.  She told the doctors what to do.  Angelina Bertucci, went on to run her own business in Thunder Bay for decades, thanks to Mary Ann who helped her buy a store, renovate it and operate it; Angelina was married to a victim of the 2nd world war, had no children, however her nieces and nephews tried to help her.  Angelina Bertucci passed away in 2013, at the age of 97 

Mary Ann Bertucci Rosso, met Arthur Natale (Christmas) Squitti in 1956, both single, and married having a family.


Mary Ann Squitti passed from this world on June 26th, 2000, after a magnificent performance.  She built herself a crown of humility, of unselfish love and compassion for all of Gods creatures.  

We hope to keep their beautiful memory alive...'the beautiful difference'...that did change the world in a positive way !


In the year 1997, due mostly to the 'beautiful difference" of Mary Ann Squitti our research into family discoverfed a new philosophy, 'Thinking in Color' based on a possible link between science and religion.  The original scientific paper was called 'The LIGHT; The Rainbow of Truths", and a book in her memory was published in 2009, called "The LIGHT; The Rainbow of Truths - The Jesus Christ Code"