Synchronicity: The doctor and her patient ?

The research on this site, is dedicated to the one person who motivated us at Squitti's, to think beyond the books, outside the boxes of modern science, and discover what we knew hundreds if not thousand of years ago; to the memory of Mary Ann Bertucci Rosso Squitti

Have you ever asked your parents how they met ?

Well in our situation, our father, Arthur (Natale) Squitti was born in Port Arthur, while our mother, Mary Ann Bertucci Rosso was born in Simbario, in a plateau, in the southern mountains of Calabria Italy, that  nestled near the towns of Brugnaturo, and Spadola, near the famous Certosa, a Monastery built by Saint Bruno of Germany. They were two worlds apart, and how did they meet ?

Here is some of the story !

This picture is part of the explanation, and was taken in 1954, probably in a small town Sapawe, near Atikoken, Northern Ontario, near Thunder Bay.


It is interesting that in the picture is our uncle Vincenzo Rosso, on the right, and his bride of proxy, Mariangela, extreme left.

In the middle are the two sisters, holding arms, to the left is Mary Ann (Bertucci) Rosso, who later met our father, Arthur Natale Squitti, and married, and next to her is her sister Angelina Bertucci Rosso, who married Giuseppe Bertucci, and operated her own grocery store at the bottom of Dufferin Streets and Secord Streets, "Bertucci's", whom Mary Ann Rosso Squitti helped buy, build and renovate.

It is interesting to note that our mothers grandparents, the grandfather had gone to Chicago in the early part of the 20th century, together with other Bertucci's, and Roti's, however grandmother Concetta, did not like the stories of Chicago, and with travel tickets already purchased insisted she stay in Simbario, the only one of her family of 8 that stayed in Simbario.

In the mid 1950's the Rosso's and Bertucci's left Italy for Northern Ontario, in Canada, a nation blossoming with work, and immigrants from Italy. Angelina Bertucci was in 1954 was in hospital, and exploratory surgery had found cancer. She was given up to die.

Mary Ann Rosso, left her little store in Italy, where she lived with her mother Concetta Bertucci Rosso and a sister. Mary Ann was single, and traveled alone by boat to Halifax, then by train to Port Arthur.

Mother, always told the story that when she found Angelina in the hospital, the incision was still left open, cancer had been found, and she was left to die.

Mary Ann, was about 36 years of age, and had lived a great many years in Simbario, with family who seemed involved in the field of medicine and Herbology. Mary Ann told the doctors what to do, 'remove as much of t he cancer as possible, give her the strongest anti-biotics they had, and that she would look after her'. I can only imagine that what followed was a whole host of simple foods used in Italy, to help a sick person become strong again.

Well, it worked. Angelina, lived a very fruitful life, passing away in 2013, at the age of 97.

Mary Ann Rosso was in 1954 working at St. Josephs Manor, and then Vi's Restaurant on Bay Street, working to pay her ticket back to Italy. During this time her mother passed away in Italy and she met the shy Arthur Natale Squitti at Vi's Restaurant, as his relatives from Malito, Italy, the Funaro family also visited the Restaurant.

Our parents were married in 1956, and later built Squitti's Grocery and later Squitti's "A Beautiful Difference"© that can be found on the internet,

So our parents, Mary Ann and Arthur would not have met, if Angelina Bertucci had not become hospitalized in Port Arthur. It was many years later, that we learned that both Angelina Bertucci, and Arthur Natale Squitti were both born on the same day, December 23, 1915, one in Simbario, Italy and one in Port Arthur Ontario; synchronicity ?

Our research into the discovery of anti+truths, suggests a possible model to show how on the cellular level THE TRUTH of an organism can be distorted and corrupted by political truths.  

To this end, we replace the cliche, 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure' to focus on 'prevention the best of cures', (caesar squitti) in hopes of avoiding health issues.

Do you believe in destiny ?