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Squitti's has been a leader of crystal chandeliers for over 40 years in Thunder Bay.

Squitti's in Thunder Bay has on display a variety of crystal chandeliers including Schonbek and James Moder Chandeliers.

In the 20th Century we advised Schonbek about our own designs, including square or rectangular chandeliers.  Even Schonbek wrote back saying they were not in the business of making square or rectangular chandeliers; how things have changed.

Research at Squitti's used the scientific principles of LIGHT being refracted through crystla to discover 'the keys to the gates of Eden', and a new philosophy, 'thinking in color'.

Squitti's a leader in retailing, research and designing.

Metal types, crystal types and models are available at our Bay Street location.

Here is the James Moder Chandelier line of chandeliers, CLICK THE LINK BELOW.


If you see something you like contact us for pricing, or drop into our showroom !

One of our favorite designs, "The Floral Collection"...CLICK THE LINK BELOW.